Cost Involvement

Cost of Studying

Tuition Fee – The annual tuition fees depends on the University. It is generally low for public Universities and more for private Universities. In general, the tuition fees ranges between US$10,000 – US$45,000 .

Average tuition fee of UG program in a public university is around US$10000 – 15000 whereas private it may cost between:
US$12,000 to US$25000.

Average tuition fee of PG program in a public university is around US$12000 – 25000 while in private it may cost between:
US$15,000 to US$45000.

Living expenses – Living expenses include house rent, food, books, insurance, mobile/internet and other Leisure activities. These expenses vary a lot from place to place.Your approximate budget for housing and utilities should be around $1000 to $1500 for a month.

Funding Options
There are various funding options that you can avail:

Bank Loans: Most banks offer educational loan schemes. Loan Processing takes ample of time. Make sure you plan your loan needs well in advance.

Teaching assistantship (TA), Research assistantship (RA), Graduate assistantship (GA):

Various assistantships are available once you have arrived at the University. However, you need to find out what is the aid scenario in a particular University. In most Universities, the TA and RA are not immediately available and you may have to wait upto one year to get any of these assistantships.

Tuition Waivers: The University can waive off part of your tuition fees if it finds your academic record good enough.

On-Campus Jobs:The international student visa permits work on campus on a part-time basis for upto 20 hours per week. The positions include student helpers at the university bookstore, campus post office, dining halls, supervisory roles at graduate housing office, etc. The students are paid on an hourly basis and the money earned is usually sufficient to cover one’s living expenses.


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